Treehouse Museum is a private, nonprofit ,educational, and charitable organization. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. Currently 25 Trustees serve by establishing Museum policies, ensuring the financial stability of the Museum, and connecting Treehouse to the community. These dedicated parents, grandparents, educators, and business leaders are committed to the mission of Treehouse and helping Treehouse remain a great place for children, families, and schools.

Board terms are three years and nominations are accepted by the Board Nominating Committee. If you are interested in being considered for service on the Treehouse Board, please contact our Executive Director, Lynne Goodwin by email:

Current Board Members

Sherilyn Olsen, Chair
, and  Marshal Garrett, Co Chair

Kenyon Dove, Vice Chair

Marlisa Lund, Treasurer

Trustees include Dr. Eric Amsel, 
Darla Blodgett
, Sylvia Cobabe, 
Kathy Douglas
, Candace Flowers, Kent Greenfield, Cami Hall, 
Robert Herman
, Judy Jackson, 
Mitzi Kawaguchi, 
Meg Naisbitt, Rebecca Okey, 
Georgiann Parkin, Phyllis Savage, 
Glory Spurlock, 
Brian Stevens, Cheri Walker, Sharon Williams, Denise Wright
, and Catherine Zublin.


Treehouse Staff

Treehouse Museum has an amazing, talented staff of both full and part-time employees.

Lynne Goodwin,
 Executive Director

Wes Whitby,
 Programs Manager

David Alexander, Programs Assistant

Gina Adamson, Volunteer Mentor

David Hobbs
, Exhibit Manager

Cole Callaway, Exhibit Assistant

Rob Goodwin, 
Graphics/Web Manager

Jennifer Ware, Visitor Services Manager

Presenters and Guides:  Jenifer Beck, Emma Craig, Alyssa Foxley, Alyssa Gambles, JaKota Hansen, Cami Hinrichs, Julie Knight, Bonnie McBride, Sydnie Palmer, Val Quinney, Kiersten Rowe, Alaura Tomlinson, Caden Ware, and Will Whitby

Thank You to Our Major Donors