Last year Treehouse celebrated 25 years of providing exhibits and programs to families and schools in Northern Utah. We asked our members to volunteer to help us as “Silver Celebration Families,” who would allow us to photograph them and use their pictures in our publicity about this milestone birthday. They also wrote us a letter about why coming to Treehouse has been important to them. A professional photographer helped us by photographing each family and the photos were so great that we made a series of posters you can find around the Museum. These are a fun visual reminder to other parents to be present during a visit by turning off cell phones and other devices and concentrating on interacting with their children in order to create those lasting memories. Here are some of our favorite photos and quotes from our Silver Celebration families.

It was such an honor to volunteer and work at Treehouse as a teen and young adult. Now, as a family, we've been coming to Treehouse for about 9 years. Our kids are growing up at Treehouse. I don't think they remember life without it!
                        – Linda

My husband and I have been visiting Treehouse since we were 3 and 5 years old.  We love sharing the experience with our kids. The Treehouse is so much a part of growing up in Ogden.  I remember my class field trips to the Treehouse very fondly.  My husband and I have both been lucky to get to go with our son on his class field trips. Treehouse field trip programs are absolutely great, but we really love visiting with the whole family.
                        – Corie

I went to the Treehouse museum back when it first opened and I was just 7 years old. My Grammy Ilene would take my two brothers and me and we absolutely loved it! I have many fond memories of the Ogden City Mall Museum location. I loved being the teacher at the school house and drawing many tiny pictures to make my own animation. I now have five children of my own and we have been coming to the Treehouse Museum at its new location since my oldest was one year old. They love it as much as I did as a child. I am grateful that the Treehouse is still here and better than ever. I hope that my children are creating amazing memories there, just like I did when I was their age. We love the Treehouse!
                        – Calie

Our family moved from California in 2006 and we were looking for something to help the kids with their annual Disneyland pass withdrawal syndrome. We heard about a grand opening for a children’s museum in Ogden and decided to attend. We’ve been going back to the Treehouse ever since! Many of our kids’ major milestones are tied to Treehouse. 2015 was a landmark year for us. We had not one, but two children working as SPYs (Special Participating Youth). One of their favorite events was volunteering at the silent auction for the Treehouse Gala - who can forget the Three Musketeers and the two fire alarms? Little Emma still wears her green T-shirt that she got from Miss Bindergarten, even though she is now a big first grader. But our story doesn't end there. We are starting on the next generation. Ever since our eldest daughter moved to Ogden, we have been taking the grandkids to Treehouse. It’s nice to know that you can walk up to a two-story tree and feel like you’ve come home.
                        – Linnea

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